About the Link Shortener

Currently this is the only web tool on the site. More coming soon!

The link shortener is a web tool for creating links and collecting analytics. Because the core features of the link shortener are analytics and post-creation modification you must login to use it.

What it does

The link shortener allows anyone who is logged in to instantly create short links and QR Codes from any URL. When a user clicks a short link or scans it's QR Code, their user agent and public ip are logged and they're immediately redirected.

After a short link has been created it may be modified or terminated at any time by the creator only.

QR Codes

All links have a QR Code associated with them that can only be seen by the creator. The creator can download the QR Code as a JPEG and redistribute it by any means that they see fit. QR codes do not change when a short link is modified so you don't have to worry about links breaking.